Beale Treasure Story

June 20, 2015

Since The Beale Papers were printed in 1885, people all over the world have been fascinated by the Beale Treasure, purportedly buried near Montvale, in Bedford County. Three ciphers written by Thomas Beale tell the location, contents and heirs of the treasure. To date only one of the ciphers has been solved. William Friedman, who was the US master codebreaker, had an opportunity to work on the ciphers.

Join us on Saturday, June 20, at 1:00 pm, as Thomas Jefferson Beale will be making a special appearance at the George C. Marshall Foundation to talk about his treasure, the ciphers, and perhaps the location of the treasure. Mr. Beale, as portrayed by Tim Flagg, will be available to answer questions after his presentation and the showing of a short film about the Beale Treasure.

Bedford, VA, resident, Tim Flagg, has portrayed Thomas Beale on the stage and in several film productions on BBC, the Travel Channel and PBS.

Register for this event by calling the museum at (540) 463-2083.

Here is a clip of his performance in National Geographic’s The Codebreakers:

See the invitation here.

Photos from the event:

Thomas Jefferson Beale at George C. Marshall Foundation.JPG
Tim Flagg at Thomas Beale at George C. Marshall Foundation 062015.JPG