Family Fun Day: Codebreaking

April 25, 2015

Codebreaking crafts, activities and fun for the whole family.

Kids will be able to make their own code deciphering wheel, participate in a kid-friendly code breaking scavenger hunt for an age appropriate prize, and try to crack different types of codes.

Adults will be challenged to crack a William and Elizabeth Friedman Christmas card code as well as other ciphers and codes typically used by the FBI and the NSA. Adult-only codebreaking scavenger hunts will also be offered during the exhibition period.

Individuals wanting to learn more about the USA and England’s involvement in codebreaking during WWII can watch several videos and movies which will be shown on Saturdays through June.

Join us in the museum from 1 – 2 pm. Register for this event by calling the museum at (540) 463-2083.