Hope for Those Who Need It

January 26 - June 30, 2018

Today, the Marshall Plan is frequently invoked by people desperate to find solutions to significant problems ranging from the refugee crisis in Syria to rebuilding hurricane ravaged areas such as Houston and Puerto Rico. While the Marshall Plan is generally mentioned in these situations because of its unparalleled success in assisting people in need, not many people understand what the Marshall Plan was and the factors that contributed to its successful implementation.

This next sequence of the Marshall Legacy Series, Europe’s Unlikely Recovery will explore how the Marshall Plan evolved from an idea that Marshall proposed in a speech into a fully functioning recovery program and how Marshall played an important role in ensuring the plan bearing his name was successful.

The exhibit, Hope for Those Who Need It,” opening January 25, 2018, will take visitors through the widespread destruction of post-World War II Europe, the hotly contested Congressional debates over the Marshall Plan’s funding, the immediate relief that initial aid provided, and the enduring legacy of the Marshall Plan today. A prominent feature of the exhibition will be a recently acquired original and complete set of lithographs of the twenty-five finalists of the 1950 “Intra-European Cooperation for A Better Standard of Living” poster contest.