What We’re Made Of

September 15 - December 10, 2016

New Museum Exhibit

It is now generally accepted as a fact that it requires more time to mobilize the industrial effort of a nation to the war load than it does to convert the civilian manpower into soldiers. It follows that every reasonable effort must be made to speed up industrial mobilization.” — George C. Marshall, September 1939

The “What We’re Made Of” exhibit in the lower gallery explores Chief of Staff Marshall’s work behind the scenes to persuade business and government leaders to support the effort necessary to retool industry and fund the huge industrial shift to military production.

The exhibit will feature a collage of World War II posters, items on loan from Coca-Cola and Hershey, information about industrial production, rationing, war bonds, victory gardens and more.

A preview of this exhibit will be available on September 15, 2016 before the presentation “Coca-Cola Goes to War” by Ted Ryan.