Marshall Legacy Series: Visionary in War and in Peace

The George C. Marshall Legacy Series interprets General Marshall’s legacy through a multi-year series of events, programs and information centered on key themes, events or episodes for members, children and families, scholars and researchers, historians and history buffs, and museum visitors of all ages. Access to our resources and collections will create unique activities and events to share with the public. Please join us in perpetuating Marshall’s legacy. View past events here.

Print Codebreaking, April—June 2015
Weapons of War, July—September 2015
Taking Care of the Troops, October—December 2015
All Who Want to Serve, January-April 2016
Speed and Fury, May-August 2016
Let’s Get A Move On, September-December 2016
The World Wars, January-December 2017
Europe’s Unlikely Recovery, January-June 2018
Friends in High Places, July-December 2018
• Winter’s Coming, January-June 2019
• The Man for All Seasons, Coming in 2019

“Friends” in High Places

Over the many years that George C. Marshall played an active role in major world affairs, he saw the relationships between the United States and other countries, as well as his personal relationships with many leaders, change dramatically. In the aftermath of World War II former allies such as the Soviet Union and China became fierce enemies. The conclusion of World War II and Marshall’s subsequent resignation as Army chief of staff resulted in gradual changes in Marshall’s domestic relationships as well.

This next sequence of the Marshall Legacy Series, “Friends” in High Places, reveals some of these changing relationships and the patience with which Marshall navigates through some of his most difficult diplomatic experiences at home and abroad. In some cases Marshall must lose ground in order to keep the peace. Visitors will see the lengths to which Marshall goes to avoid giving up or giving in.