The World Wars


“Of all the military lessons which could have been learned from the last war, the question of unity of command is probably the most outstanding; personally I learned my lesson in observing the problems of General Pershing in France and the reluctance of our Allies to meet the issue until almost overwhelmed by the great German offensive of March, 1918. For that reason the first step taken by the Chiefs of Staff of Great Britain and the United States at the initial meeting in Washington in December, 1941, was to establish a basis of procedure to secure coordinated action.” (Marshall Speech to the Academy of Political Science, NYC, Nov. 10, 1942)

This sequence of the Marshall Legacy Series will focus on the course, conduct and consequences of the two largest conflicts in human history, World War I and World War II. In doing so, it will examine how George. C. Marshall both shaped, and was shaped by, his experience of combat in France during World War I and show how those lessons learned, and hard won, would ultimately fashion how he would go on to fight and win in that second, global, conflagration, World War II, and in the peace that would follow.

Marshall evolves as a battle planner and logistics genius (WWI) into a global military strategist grounded in the knowledge of alliance warfare and skilled in statesmanship (WWII). Once again he operates behind the scenes, advising world military and political leaders and reinforcing a position as an indispensable career staff officer who is too valuable to spare in battle.

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