Harvard Business School Dean Recalls Marshall’s “Marshall Plan” Speech 73 years Ago

During May 28, 2020’s live-streamed Harvard Business School Commencement address, Dean Nohria, referenced Marshall’s 1947 Harvard “Marshall Plan” speech:

“Seventy-three years ago, at Harvard’s Commencement ceremony, General George Marshall announced a plan to rebuild the world economy after the devastation wrought by World War II—what became known as the Marshall Plan. Today we face a global economy that has to be rebuilt, companies that need to be restarted, revitalized, and restructured, supply chains that need to be redesigned, and markets that need to be reinvented. We need something that is equivalent to a new Marshall Plan. The world is counting on people like you to do this vital work. This work will take imagination and innovation. As much change as we have had the good fortune to witness this last decade at Harvard Business School and in the world beyond, the next decade will require us to be yet more creative, more resourceful, more resilient, more adaptive. We will need to come up with ideas that will save our planet, create more opportunities for those who see none, foster unity instead of discord, rebuild society’s trust in capitalism, and increase prosperity and the quality of life for people all across the world. The generation that met the challenge of World War II and the Marshall Plan came to be known as the Greatest Generation. You, the class of 2020, are as prepared as anyone to meet the challenges the world is facing now. Go become our next greatest generation!”

Watch the speech in it’s entirety: Harvard Business School Press Release