Marshall Library Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The George C. Marshall Foundation will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the Marshall Library on June 5, 2014. Activities include:

5:00 PM Address by Hon. John O. Marsh, former Secretary of the Army (Gillis Theater, Marshall Hall, Virginia Military Institute) The public is invited to attend.
5:45—7:00 PM Reception in the Marshall Museum and Marshall Library, (George C. Marshall Foundation) The public is invited to attend.A special exhibit commemorating the first 50 years will be on display in the lower galley outside the Pogue Auditorium.
7:00 PM Dinner for members of the Board of Trustees
The actual day in 1964 was May 23, and it marks one of the most significant events in the history of the city of Lexington. It was the second time a sitting president had visited Lexington. A large crowd that included Marshall family members, Mrs. Marshall among them, gathered on the VMI Parade Ground to hear President Lyndon B. Johnson, former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Governor Albertis Harrison of Virginia and others talk about the importance of honoring General Marshall and sustaining his legacy. The presiding official was Omar N. Bradley, General of the Army and president of the George C. Marshall Foundation.

The original tagline for the Marshall Research Library was “That Tomorrow May Better Know Our Times.” The first 50 years of the Foundation have focused on that objective. The official biography of Marshall, written by Dr. Forrest Pogue and published in four volumes, was completed in 1987. The annotated Papers of George Catlett Marshall will be completed in seven volumes in early 2015.

Today more than 50 years later the research library remains a center of activity for scholars, students and historians from all over the globe, many of whom access a growing digital collection of information about Marshall and his era online at the Foundation’s Web site.

The purpose of the celebration of the 50th anniversary will be to recognize the accomplishments of the Foundation and to position it for the future.

50th Anniversary Address

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